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Newfound Rentals provides affordable alternatives for your storage needs. Unlike off-site self-storage, Newfound Rentals provides a path to ownership.

Newfound Rentals provides affordable monthly payments for backyard storage. As an industry leader, we partner with the best storage building retailers and manufacturers in the country to provide quality storage – in your backyard!

As a trusted expert in the storage facility industry we ensure our partners have the most competitive program on the market while providing the highest level of customer service.

We are the Key to Ownership for customers and have the highest ownership rates in the industry. Why rent self-storage when you can rent then own!


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Rental Programs

NewFound Rentals offers multiple rental plans for your storage building to fit your needs. As an industry leader our goal is provide you with an affordable path to ownership. All our rental purchase agreements provide no early payoff penalty. No need to rent offsite self-storage. NewFound Rentals -The Key to Ownership!









Become a Dealer

NewFound Rentals is a true partner that delivers innovative business strategies. Our customized approach will result in a seamless business model that ensures growth to our enterprise partners.

An enterprise dealer is someone that is forward thinking and passionate about growing their business. Enterprise dealers have hopes of expanding their sales channels, increasing revenue and having distinct competitive advantages. Enterprise dealers choose a partnership with NewFound Rentals because it ensures success in these areas and many more.

NewFound Rentals understands that you need a more tailored solution to your business and your market. Enterprise dealers know that they can’t have the same offering as their competition. The industry is in a world of Rent to Own companies trying to get as many contracts as possible. NewFound Rentals has found that the most efficient way to increase our contract portfolio is by helping you grow your business as well as your territory.

Let’s explore how NewFound Rentals is prepared to grow your business. NewFound Rentals collected and analyzed extensive industry data. With this data we identified four areas that all companies struggle with: being scalable, having seamless technology, proper funding and innovative marketing strategies. As we developed our offering to potential partners we kept these four areas into focus. The goal was to ensure our offering would improve all four areas, while still providing the most competitive rent to own and traditional financing rates in the industry.

Scalable Partner
Seamless Technology
Proper Funding
Innovative Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

How can I pay?

At Newfound Rentals we make paying easy and convenient! Most of our customers take advantage of our Auto Pay feature, making sure they never miss a payment! If auto pay isn't for you, feel free to pay online, over the phone or by mailing a check!

Do I receive a discount for paying off early?

Another benefit of Rent to Own is the amount of money you save when paying off early. Call Newfound Rentals today to receive your payoff quote!

How does Rent to Own work?

Rent-to-own is an affordable way to get the attractive backyard building you want - but without the large lump sum expense. The low up front cost makes it easy to get started. The monthly rental payments are kept low to fit your budget. After making the final rental payment, you take ownership of the building. It's that easy.

How can I communicate with Newfound Rentals?

Communication is easy with Newfound Rentals. View our contact information to reach us by phone, fax or email.

Why should I work with Newfound Rentals?

Satisfaction. We nurture every customer with a proactive approach. Having the highest ownership percentage in the industry. We take pride in providing the highest quality of customer service and flexible payment plans.

How do I sign up with Newfound Rentals?

As a customer or dealer you can call us at 713-322-9348 to become a partner. We look forward to hearing from you!

What are your terms?

NewFound Rentals provides the most competitive Rent to Own, Financing and Same as Cash terms in the industry. Our traditional financing has the lowest interest rates available and has the highest approval rating in the industry. The Rent to Own terms cover a wide variety of options including promotional and partner pricing. These terms help ensure our partners have a competitive advantage allowing them to grow their business.

Is switching to NewFound Rentals easy?

You bet! NewFound Rentals has an extensive onboarding program that consist of in person training, sales channel set ups as well as literature and promotional materials. We understand that you might already have a Rent to Own provider, transitioning away from them to NewFound Rentals needs to be seamless and clear to your sales channels. We understand and execute on that.

How do I know if NewFound Rentals is right for me?

A phone call doesn’t cost anything. Give us a call and let’s chat about how you want to grow your business and what areas you think you could use some help with. If you’re someone who wants a competitive advantage, is excited to grow their revenue and enjoys having an exclusive offering-chances are we are the right fit for you!

The market is changing. How can NewFound help me stay up with the changes?

Knowing the market is what NewFound Rentals prides itself on. Much like you we see the market trending online and towards larger aggressive companies taking over large territories. NewFound Rentals understands how to grow territories and help you lead the industry online. Through extensive research and market analysis’ we’re able to help you not only understand today’s market but help control your future market.


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